1.     How and when did you get interested in fitness and training?

I have always been active in some shape or form since a child.  At a young age I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, then for many years I played football up until my late teenage years.  I had been lifting since about the age of 15 but for sports and not for aesthetics.  At the age of about 19 or so I began to compete as a fitness model as I am constantly looking to challenge myself and body.

 2.     How do you stay motivated to train and eat healthy?

I motivate myself through setting goals.  Having a goal in life is such an overlooked factor.  When you have a goal, you have that feeling of being anxious to wakeup every morning and attack them.  That is why I am constantly setting goals, if I don’t I would be miserable and depressed.  Who wants to live their life with nothing to look forward to, that is the reason many people in the world are unhappy, they wait for what they want in life to come to them, or they wait for the perfect moment to start.  I can assure you that the perfect moment is NEVER.  The perfect time to start is now, the stars will never all be aligned for that “perfect opportunity” that everybody waits for.

 3.     Did you make any mistakes as a beginner dealing with training, nutrition, or both?

The biggest mistake is following what others do.  You must set an follow a plan according to your goals, your body, your lifestyle etc.  There is no cookie cutter way of doing things, and if you try a cookie cutter method, chances are you will not be thrilled with the results.  Also doing too much cardio was my biggest mistake when trying to get ripped along with cutting carbohydrates too low to the point that my body was no more anabolic, and rather went into a catabolic state.

 4.     What training routine has given you the best results?

Monday: Circuit Training/Shoulders

(15 minute upper body circuit)

  • 20 Plyo Pushups
  • 15 Dips
  • 10 Pullups
  • 12 Leg Raises

(Repeat 5 times)

  • Standing Military Press X 5 sets
  • Seated Arnold Presses X 4 sets
  • Front Barbell Raises X 4 sets
  • Side Lateral Raises X 6 sets

Tuesday: Legs

  • 100 Jump Squats
  • Leg Extensions X 2 sets of 50 reps
  • Barbell Squats X 6 sets
  • Step Ups X 4 sets each leg
  • 1 Legged Squats X 3 sets each leg
  • Leg Extensions X 4 sets burnout

Wednesday: Back

  • 200 Pullups
  • T-Bar Rows X 6 sets last 2 are drop sets
  • Clean Pulls X 4 sets
  • Deadlifts 135lbs for 40 reps X 3 sets
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Rows X 4 sets
  • Toe Press X 3 sets
  • Standing Calf Raise X 100 reps each calf
  • Calf Jump Stretch X 100 reps

Thursday: Abs

  • Boxing for 60 minutes
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 60 minutes

Friday: Arms

  • Barbell Bicep Curls X 5 sets
  • Bent Over Barbell Curls X 2 sets
  • 100 Chin Ups
  • Hammer Curls X 3 sets
  • Tricep Pushups X 200
  • Cable Pushdown (over hand grip) X 3 sets
  • Cable Pushdown (under hand grip) X 3 sets
  • Tricep Kickbacks X 4 sets

Saturday: Chest

  • 200 Wide Incline Pushups
  • Dumbell Flys
  • Barbell Press (flat) X 4 sets
  • Dumbell Decline Press X 4 sets
  • Cable Flyes X 3 sets (high pulley)
  • Cable Flyes X 3 sets (low pulley)

Sunday: Cardio

• Tae Kwon Do for 60 minutes

•Wrestling for 60 minutes

 5.     What three exercises would you consider to be your favorites?

If I could only choose 3 exercises I would choose Pull-ups, Dips, and Deadlifts.  Those three exercises are the only three you really need to hit every body part in your body.  They are staple exercises in my training program.

 6.     What form of cardio do you usually perform?

In previous years I liked to perform low intensity cardio after a weight training session.  More recently I have gone back to my older training methods of utilizing high intensity cardio and workouts.  I like to perform HIIT with a weighted vest, or during the interval periods perform a body weight exercise to really maximize the caloric expenditure.

 7.     What is an example of your daily diet?

Meal 1: Protein Pancakes (Egg Whites, Whey Protein, Gluten-Free Oats, Cinnamon)

Meal 2: 6oz Lean Ground Turkey, 4oz Yams, Asparagus

Meal 3: 30g Whey Protein, 2 Egg Whites, 1/2 cup Oats, 1/4 cup Blueberries

Meal 4: 7oz COD, 2oz Yams, Asparagus

Meal 5: 7.5oz COD, 1oz Yams, Baby Spinach

Meal 6: 40g Casein Protein w/ 100g Cottage Cheese

 8.     What three nutrition tips could you give our readers that you have found most useful?

  1. Learn to create good habits.  Don’t “diet”, instead make it a lifestyle to the point where it does not feel like you are forcing yourself to eat that way but more so that its part of your life, and you know no other way.
  2. Eat lots of vegetables; You will feel much fuller, but also healthier and have more energy.  Many people do not realize the many benefits to eating vegetables, but they make all of the difference in the world.
  3. Don’t restrict yourself too much.  Have days where you enjoy the foods you like, the key is to balance your diet.  If you are always trying to eat super strict, it may work for a few months but its just a matter of time before you relapse into old bad habits of eating junk food.

9. Which physical feature are you most proud of?

I am more so proud of my actually performance in the gym, that is what is considered “actual strength”.  However, if I had to choose a bodypart for aesthetics I would say my abs.

10. What supplements do you use if any? If not, why not?

My current daily supplement stack:

1000mg Vitamin C

20g Glutamend Glutamine

10g Creatine Monohydrate

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Omega 3 Fish Oil

11. Who are your favorite bodybuilders/models/athletes?

Arnold is the greatest bodybuilder of all time.  I am not speaking in terms of his physique, but more so what he has done for the sport of fitness and bodybuilding.

12. Do you listen to music while you workout? If so what kind?

Yes I do, I prefer high-energy music.  Eminem, Tupac, Flo-rida, to name a few of the artists.

13. What time of day do you prefer to train? Why?

I prefer to train first thing in the morning. I feel like it really gets my energy levels and my day going. Sometimes if I wait until night I feel a bit tired and it becomes easier to skip workouts.  There is no better feeling then attacking weights first thing in the morning.

14. What last three tips would you give to our readers to help them reach their fitness goals?

  1. Consistency: Always stay consistent, even if you don’t see visible changes after a week or two do not throw in the towel! It takes time to see changes and if every time you don’t see them and you give up how the hell will you ever achieve the body you want?
  2. Intensity: I often see too many people train with a lack of intensity.  Go to the gym and make every set, every rep, every exercise count.  Don’t just go through the motions, make sure you really bust your butt and walk out of the gym knowing that you couldn’t have done anymore then you did!
  3. Balance: It took me many years of being in this industry to realize the key is balance.  Don’t just be a gym rat and abandon everything in life especially those things that really matter.  Find the balance of spending time with those that you love, working out, eating clean, resting but make sure to put 100% effort in to everything that you do.  If it is family day, put 100% effort into the day.  If it is time to workout, put 100% effort into the gym!


Name: Amer the hammer Kamra
Age: 24
Residence: Toronto
Height: 6’-0”
Weight: 193lbs
Occupation: Transformation/Life Coach


#1 Online Transformation Coach-

Personal Trainer of the year-World Physique Magazine

“Top 50 Fitness Blogger in the world”- Kred

Cover Model- Physique Magazine

Final Words

My words to you would be to stay true to yourself, do not BS yourself and lie to yourself.  Be honest with yourself and goals, if you want something, then do everything in your power to get it! Turn over every stone possible, make sure that everything you do, you do it with 100% of your effort.  Utilizing that mindset has really helped me to achieve many of my goals.