1. What’s your heritage/background?

Dutch and Portuguese.

2. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I always had the dream to be an actress, to take part on a movie.
I still have that desire.  It would be so amazing, a very fulfilling experience I’m sure.Well… Who knows? Everything is possible!

3. What is the biggest fitness myth you encounter in the fitness industry every day?

Probably that girl’s who do weight training will become “bulky”, it’s totally not true, it will only help the results, a more toned, lean and sexier body! I assure you!

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness field?

I really can’t choose only one, I consider all of my achievements big and important.
I will say winning my pro status, being the first Brazilian athlete ever winning a pro show in the U.S.A, the conquering of my sponsors that are the best in the industry with my hard work and dedication to what I do and to have competed in the most important worldwide competitions.
Finally and very important to have the best fans ever! #HARDCOREIS

5. Do you have a favorite healthy recipe?

Yes, a few!! You guys can see me doing them all in the Nutrex Research website, multimedia/videos section: www.nutrex.com
Made with a lot of love.. Try them, you will not regret it!

6. Do you prefer to count calories or eat clean whenever you are hungry?

To be honest I am not that crazy with the numbers, I like to do 5-6 small portion meals per day, 3 hours apart, always containing different sources of protein, veggies, good fats and in some of them low glycemic carbohydrates.
I eat clean mostly year round, I like it that way, my food is always tasty, either I’m in the off-season or pre-contest, I think that’s what people sometimes forget, dieting doesn’t need to be flavorless, we just need to use our imagination and try new things, and new seasonings.

7. What are some of your long term goals?

I am so grateful and happy for all that I have accomplished and conquered with my hard work so far, that I just want to keep doing that, challenging myself every day, representing everyone who believes in me the best I can (on stage and outside of it), spreading my message of world peace to everyone and everywhere, doing the best photo shoots with the best artists.
You all know that I love new adventures and I am ready for anything at anytime… So expect more news from me soon, a lot in the works, it will worth the wait!!
Basically, I want to keep going on this dream journey of mine!

8. What has been the hardest obstacle for you to overcome?

Without any doubt, to integrate in a different culture (Brazil to U.S.A) and being very far away from all my family, friends and fans.
The last part it’s still very difficult for me, I miss them very much, but I know that they support me daily to pursue my dream so that gives me motivation to keep going and going.
Plus, I go there every year to visit them which help a lot, I feel renewed every time.

9. Do you train alone or with a partner/trainer?

I usually train alone, unless I am with a client of mine or a friend. It’s always good to share ideas and training methods. In this lifestyle we are always learning.

10. Do you prefer to train in the morning or afternoon?

I like them both, depending on my mind spirit, I only have preference for the morning as the gym is a little more quiet and calm at that time, which is better for focusing on the training goal. But in the end what really matters is to do it, don’t trade the gym for any other thing, even if you are not in the mood for it don’t skip it! It will make you feel better in every way. Always challenge yourself.

11. What are your favorite workout shoes?

I love to train with mid height shoes. I feel that they are much more comfortable, also I like the Nike models a lot (even some with lower height/running shoes).

12. What would be the one supplement you couldn’t live without besides protein?

Honestly, I can’t be without any of my Nutrex products, they became a staple for me and for my lifestyle.
Muscle Infusion as my protein, Chocolate Monster, delicious and goes well with every recipe, not only shakes!
BCAA Drive and Defy as my aminoacids, mainly to prevent muscle loss (anti-catabolic) and to aid in recovery;
Hemo-Rage UC / Turbo Shots or Lipo 6 UC for my pre-workout extra edge, perfect to help achieving the best possible workout, Lipo 6 UC more for pre-contest, as it helps me lean out while maintaining my good mood and energy (which is essential on that time frame);
In my off-season I like to add Volu-Gro and/or Creatine Drive on my post-workout shake, mainly for the carbohydrate and creatine content.

13. How do you prepare your protein shakes? Just powder and water? Or a smoothie with fruit?

Usually I take them just with water, but when I’m on my off-season  I also love to add sometimes a little treat in both ways (flavor wise and health benefits), a powdered mix of 2 super fruits, called açai and guarana.
They are very rich in anti-oxidants, I mix that with my Muscle Infusion protein and my Volu-Gro and it’s a perfect match for post-workout!
Plus, it has a good consistency, so we can eat it, like a yogurt. Give it a try!

14. What are some of your non-fitness related hobbies?

It’s hard to have non-fitness related hobbies when we do it daily and when it’s our lifestyle.
But I can say I love art, photography and modeling. Also, I prefer to describe them as passions and not only hobbies, because that’s what they are for me.


I would like to once again say thank you for the opportunity for this part 2 interview, I am very grateful for being able to do this kind of interviews and connect more with my fans and who appreciate my work. It’s really a blessing.

A big thank you to my family, friends and sponsors Nutrex Research, Suits by Amy and Pro Tan for the amazing support they provide me daily. It’s very important for me, and it’s what motivates me for pushing harder.

Last, take the chance to check out my renewed website www.larissareis.net, where you can find photoshoot pictures, life blogs and much much more including my official store section, where you can buy my clothing line brand HARDCOREIS, with very exclusive designs and also signed posters of me. :) We ship worldwide!!

Think Positive and Be Hardcoreis!!

Xoxo, Larissa Reis