NLA Performance’s Supp-D is the latest pre-workout I have had a chance to try out in the gym.  I have tried countless pre-workouts over the past 6 years so my review will be compared to my previous experiences.

Taste 7/10

Supp-D currently offers one flavor, Nitro Punch.  It tastes similar to a fruit punch although there is a hint of a sour taste depending on how much water you mix it in.  The more you dilute the powder the less sour taste there is so if you’re not a fan of sour taste then your best bet would be to fill the cup to the top.  Not the best tasting pre-workout I have tried but tolerable none the less and shouldn’t be a deciding factor on whether or not to purchase this product.

Mixability 8/10

The only reason I didn’t give Supp-D a 10/10 for mixability was that it does not mix well in cold water.  It took me about a week to realize that if I mixed it in room temperature water it completely dissolved but if I used cold water then there would be several big clumps left in the cup.

Energy 9/10

Like most pre-workouts I was expecting an initial boost of energy that would die out towards the end of my workout but Supp-D gave me long-lasting energy that made me want to keep working out even after finishing all my exercises.  I also felt the same clean flow of energy from the first scoop to the last scoop in the tub. After a few weeks of use the products effectiveness did not wear off.  It does contain Beta Alanine which gives you that tingly feeling initially after drinking the pre-workout.  A big plus with Supp-D was that I had no problem going to sleep or staying asleep even after working out late in the afternoon.  Most pre-workouts keet me up all night but I didn’t have that problem with Supp-D.

Value 10/10

You can’t beat a great pre-workout priced at $29.99.  Supp-D is definitely one of the lowered priced pre-workouts on the market and is 100% worth trying out for its price.

Overall,  Supp-D was a great pre-workout that powered me through my workouts and left me not wanting to leave the gym.  I strongly encourage everyone to give this product a try especially because of its low price.

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