I’m a big fan of nitric oxide boosters and jumped on the chance to try out NLA Performance’s Swoll-N.  I had been taking their pre-workout, Supp-D, a week before I added Swoll-N to the stack and was amazed at the difference it made!

Effectiveness 9/10

I’m sure Swoll-N would be a great stand-alone supplement to use but it stacks perfectly with NLA Performance’s Supp-D.  After adding Swoll-N to the NLA Performance stack I noticed an instant increase in clean energy in the gym.  I found that I had the energy and mindset to pump out that extra rep and decrease rest time.  I also noticed an increase in muscle pump, which is the job of nitric oxide boosters.  The pumps I achieved from this supplement were very intense to the point that it felt as if I were going to tear my skin on every rep.  Another positive side effect was the increase in vascularity.  I’m not very vascular even at a low bodyfat but I noticed a big difference while taking Swoll-N.

Edibility 10/10

Swoll-N is offered only in the pill form.  30 minutes before your workout you are directed to take 3 pills.  I rated their edibility a 10/10 due to the fact that I once swallowed 18 pills (Multi-vitamin pack, Fish Oil, Fat Burner, Nitric Oxide) in one gulp, so as you can tell I have no problem downing 3.  Either way, the pills shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to take.  You can take them one at a time if need be.

Value 10/10

Swoll-N is offered at an unbeatable price of $24.99 for a supply of a nitric oxide booster that will last for thirty workouts!  Less than a dollar a day!  Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a product to increase your pump and vascularity with a boost in energy.

Overall, Swoll-N was one of the more effective nitric oxide boosters that I have taken and I was pleased with the results I obtained after a month of taking it.  I would definitely recommened it as a top nitric oxide boosting supplement.  If you are skeptical  don’t be hesitant to give it a try due to it’s low price!

To read more about Swoll-N please visit: http://www.nlaperformance.com/products/for_men/swoll-n?picture=14