NLA Performance’s stack isn’t complete without their natural testosterone booster, T-Blast.  After a one-month cycle I achieved great results when compared to other natural testosterone boosters I have tried.

Effectiveness 9/10

I noticed the T-Blast starting to kick in about a week after the first dosing.  Not only did I have increased intensity and endurance during my weight training sessions but I noticed that my muscles were much fuller.  This muscle fullness could also be noticed throughout the entire day and not only in the gym.  Not only did I cut more fat than usual after one month of dieting but I didn’t have hardly any loss of strength that you would normally see after a cut.  The T-Blast helped me to have a more alpha mindset in the gym also.  I felt more confident in the amount of weight I could push and didn’t slack off.

Edibility 10/10

T-Blast is offered in a pill form which is very easy to take.  Dosage is 6 pills a day with or without food.

Value 7/10

T-Blast is a little on the expensive side for a natural testosterone booster.  It is currently priced at $49.99 for a one-month supply.  But like I always say, give it at least one try and compare it with other similar supplements and see which one works best for you.

Overall, a great product worth giving a shot.  No negative side effects, just positive results.

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