1. How and when did you get interested in fitness and training?

I was always into training and fitness.  I played soccer for 12 years, leading all the way to college. Where I played 2 years before knee injuries caught up to me.  I didn’t let that stop me from training. Now I was able to solely focus on weight training.  I got interested in competing this early this year.  When people thought I should really give it a shot.  So I did and fell in love.

2. How do you stay motivated to train and eat healthy?

Motivation comes from within me.  The discipline and dedication this sport demands that you have is unmatched.  The determination from within helps me stay on track, not cheat myself, and train hard.  Other ways or things that motivate me are music, my Coach, and bodybuilding videos.


3. Did you make any mistakes as a beginner dealing with training, nutrition, or both?

Oh man yes.  Everybody makes mistakes and I definitely did when I first started.  My training was always good; it was my nutrition that I failed at.  It wasn’t necessarily eating bad food, because I wasn’t, it was more of eating the right amount of food.  I would always not eat enough throughout the day.

4. What training routine has given you the best results?

During my offseason I go on a 5 day split.

Monday – Back/Calves

Tuesday – Chest

Wed – Off

Thursday – Quads/Calves

Friday – Shoulders/ Hamstrings

Saturday – Improvement body part/ Calves

Sunday – Off

*When in season I go to a 6 day split. With Sunday being my day off.

5. What three exercises would you consider to be your favorites?

T – Bar rows ( old School way), Shoulder Press, Incline Hammer Strength Chest press.

6. What form of cardio do you usually perform?

Personally for me a steady state Cardio works for me. Tons of people ask me you don’t do HIIT Cardio?  I say no. I know my body and what works well.

7. What is an example of your daily diet?


Day 1 – High- 400

Day 2 – Medium- 325

Day 3 – Low- 200

Day 4 – High- 400

Day 5 – Medium- 325

Day 6 – Low- 250

Day 7 – Low- 250

8. What three nutrition tips could you give our readers that you have found most useful?

  1. Eat day to day on a consistent basis. I know it might be hard, but making sure your body get the right amount of food every couple ours is important for growth.
  2. Prepping your meals for the days to come. If you cook your meals ahead of time there is no excuse or reason to cheat yourself.
  3. Drink Enough Water.!!

9. Which physical feature are you most proud of?

I would have to say my Shoulders.  I really built them up and finally got that capped look on them.  Considering the round muscle bellies I have this allows me to look bigger then I actual am on stage.

10. What supplements do you use if any? If not, why not?

Supplements I Use are Allmax Isoflex Protein, Beta Alanine, CLA, then ProSupps Mr. Hyde.  For recovery I use GAT Martini.

11. Who are your favorite bodybuilders/models/athletes?

My top 3 favorite are Greg Plitt, Kai Greene, and Rich Gaspari.

12. Do you listen to music while you workout? If so what kind?

Yes!!! I have to have my music. I mostly listen to upbeat music or hip- hop/ rap.  Favorite Song to Work out to:  Go To Sleep – Lupe Fiasco

13. What time of day do you prefer to train? Why?

Personally I like to train right around noon.  Sometimes I train at night. But I like to keep it consistent day to day.

14. What last three tips would you give to our readers to help them reach their fitness goals?

  1. Stay Positive, get or remove all negative people out of your life. They are only going to keep you further from your goals.
  2. Don’t be afraid to seek out help. Never assume what you’re doing is right.
  3. BELIEVE!!!! Have the belief that you will get there! Have the Knowledge that it will not come without sacrifice, the hard to get you there, and the mental mindset to not stop once you’ve reached it.


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