1. How and when did you get interested in fitness and training?

I started at a fairly young age as I played a lot of different sports growing up.  My dad worked for a university that held summer sports camps so my parents would send me there pretty much every summer.  As I got older I realized to really excel in sports you needed to train hard so that’s what put me on my fitness path.

2. How do you stay motivated to train and eat healthy?

I’m a fairly self-motivated person, but even the most motivated person tends to fall off track sometimes.  I make sure I set small, short and long term goals and always try and look at the big picture which is stepping on that stage to compete usually keep me motivated.  To me there is no better feeling than stepping on that stage and show casing all your hard work.

3. Did you make any mistakes as a beginner dealing with training, nutrition or both?

I think for the most part EVERYONE makes mistakes as a beginner.  Speaking for myself I know early on trying to lift too much to impress fellow gym goers probably was a mistake lol.  As far nutrition, which is 70% of the game plan just not eating the right foods at first and knowing what to eat for you body to adapt.  I know use Dan Hawtin of Bodies by G-force who writes up all my pre and post contest meal plans which makes it a lot easier.

4. What training routine has given you the best results?

I like the old adage if its not broke don’t fix it.  I have been doing a 5 day split which looks like this

Mon- Chest/Abs

Tue- Back

Wed- Legs/Abs

Thurs- Shoulders

Fri- Arms/Abs

* I will use Saturday or Sunday for improvement day and work extra on whatever the judges feel I need to help bring a better package to my next show.

5. What three exercises would you consider to be your favorite?

I’m a big fan of pull ups, shoulder press and t-bar rows

6. What form of cardio do you usually perform?

It really all depends on what stage I am in within my prep but I usually like doing morning fasted steady state cardio and I will also mix in some HIIT if I really need to dial in.

7. What is an example of your daily diet?

I tend to eat 6-7 smaller meals a day about 3 hours apart.

Meal 1: 7 egg white, 1 whole egg w/ ½ cup oatmeal

Meal 2: 8 oz grilled chicken, fish oil with 1 cup of string beans

Meal 3: 8 oz grilled chicken with 8 oz sweet potato

Meal 4: Pre Workout shake

Meal 5: Post Workout shake

Meal 6: 8 oz steak with 1 cup of green beans

Meal 7: Casein shake before bed

8. What three nutrition tips can you give our readers that you have found to be the most useful?

  1. Set realistic  weight loss goals
  2. Plan and prep your meals in advance
  3. Eat 4-6 smaller meals a day instead of 3 big meals

9. Which physical feature are you most proud of?

I would definitely have to say my Abs, which earned me the nick “The Ab Show”.  I wasn’t genetically blessed and I worked really hard to get a decent set of abs.

10. What supplement do you use if any? If not, Why not?

Well with being a Beyond Genetics Supplements sponsored athlete I take and definitely recommend anyone of their supplements from SHREDZ (fat burner) to Diesel (test booster) and Vitamin Z

11. Who are your favorite bodybuilders/models/athletes?

Wow, I have so many people I look up to or respect but if I had to pick 3 I would say Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan and Tyson Beckford.

12. Do you listen to music while your workout?  If so, what kind?

Yes I do, I think a good playlist is key to a good workout session and it will get you fired up.  I’m pretty musically diverse ranging anywhere from house to hip hop, so on any given day I can be listening to David Guetta, Calvin Harris or Rick Ross, etc.

13. What time of the day do you prefer to train? Why?

I like to do double sessions splitting up my cardio in the morning and weight training in the afternoon.  I try to avoid the “work rush” from 5-7pm, because I don’t like waiting for machines and or weights when I’m in my training zone.


14. What last three tips would you give our readers to help them reach their fitness goals?

  1. Train Hard
  2. Eat Clean
  3. Remember even the best physique started somewhere so never get discouraged and stay focused on your personal goals.

Final Words

I’d like to thank my sponsors SHREDZ, A1 Supplements and Bodies By G-force for helping me reach my goals.  All my friends, family, fan and supporters as well as ShutUpAndTrain.com.  I look forward to a BIG 2013!


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